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Our Mission

Lanterna Distributors is a sales and marketing company specializing in the import and distribution of globally inspired wines and spirits that represent the highest quality-to-price ratio. Our success is defined by being a primary partner to our clients by generating mutual profitability through the dedication of-and to-our team members. 

Glass of Red Wine

Our Organization

Lanterna is comprised of likeminded professionals from diverse backgrounds possessing the inherent knowledge gleaned from time spent in many facets of business and industry. The entire Lanterna team understands that our continued success can only be achieved through strong partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Each team member recognizes that this is only possible through diligent client and supplier relations. Our clients rely on Lanterna's professional sales representation combined with supportive management, executives, administration and a logistics team that is focused on providing the highest quality of service.


Extensive Product Selection

Our extensive product selection is a treasure trove of exceptional offerings, carefully curated to satisfy the desires of the most discerning connoisseurs. Whether you seek innovation, tradition, or a harmonious blend of both, our collection invites you to embark on a journey of unparalleled quality and diversity.

Delivery & Logistics

 Our logistics operation is a symphony of efficiency, orchestrated to ensure that your products reach their destination on time, every time. We leverage cutting-edge technology, real-time tracking, and a fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles to guarantee the swift and secure delivery of your goods.

Dedicated Support & Customer Service

The entire Lanterna team is equipped with knowledge and empowered with the authority to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Expect solutions that are exceptional and delivered with a genuine commitment to making your experience with us extraordinary.

Hotline Consultant

Product Education & Training

We strongly believe that education is key to fully appreciate and enjoy the world of fine wine and spirits. Lanterna offers training and educational programs to our clients which include merchandizing support, promotional tasting events and educational sessions.

Man Smelling Wine

Our Portfolio

With a globally inspired portfolio of wines and spirits, Lanterna focuses on providing clients excellent price-to-quality ratio by coordinating with suppliers and producers who focus products that exceed expectations in every category. Whether you're searching for a super-premium Pinor Noir from the United States, or a house pour Italian red, we strive for incredible value.


Where Did We Get The Name "Lanterna"?

The Lighthouse of Genoa, called Lanterna, is a symbol for the city. At a height of 77 meters (focal height: 117 meters), it is the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean Sea and the second tallest in Europe. It was built in 1543 on the promontory of Capo di Faro, but according to some reports a watchtower having a similar structure existed there as early as the 12th century. The Genoa Lanterna is still fully operational and illuminates the sea acting as a light beacon to mark the harbor every 20 seconds. Tourists can visit it by climbing its 172 steps, reaching the top of the lighthouse and admiring the view of the harbor and the old city. The multimedia museum inside hosts stories and testimonies about Genoa and its province. To reach the Lanterna, it is possible to walk the stretch that following along Genoa’s city walls, connects it to the Ferry Terminal. The Lanterna di Genova is known to be a symbol of goodwill and safety in the export trade of Italy. Despite the passage of time and urban transformations, Genoa remains “the city in the shadow of the Lanterna.” 

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